June 29, 2009

High School Chicken Class

Somehow things transitioned back to a high school near the house that I'd bought in the previous dream. I had already graduated high school, but for some reason had to take some classes from this one. I only had two to three classes a day, so it felt more like college. I was taking classes in English, Chicken, and some kind of Art, as well as some other subjects. Between classes I went back to my house, but I never seemed to remember making it there. I was annoyed by the process of having to keep track of high school assignments and their strange due dates again, although I had a planner that helped a little.

I went to one small class on some sort of architecture or art. When it was over I had a number of dishes that I had to take out, since we'd apparently also been eating some food. I though another student had my bowl, but then she rotated it and I saw it had a design that mine didn't. Thankfully, we'd lodged a fire alarm in the door so it wouldn't lock, and I went back inside to grab my bowl.

My next class was much larger, and the subject was either English or Chicken. I asked someone for some water to wash my hands with, but all they had was their pencil case. Eventually I think I ended up back in my house with some classmates, and we were getting ready to meet up with someone.

Driving into Trippiness

I was buying a small house in a low-class but convenient neighborhood, and I drove down to take a look at it. It was newly built, so the interior was completely unfinished. There were only two rooms, a bedroom and a room for everything else, but I started figuring out where I'd put furniture and was pleased with the building.

I walked outside and around the block, meeting a few of the neighbors' dogs. They seemed pretty friendly up close, though their barking had been intimidating. I started walking back to my car, but I got seriously tired and had to crawl to make my way across a road. Somehow I got to my car anyway, and managed to start driving. I spotted a group of kids, though, and asked them if they wanted a ride in exchange for helping me drive. They agreed, and one of them took the wheel while I manned the brake pedal.

Once the car got moving again I lost my tiredness, and took over the steering wheel. We were driving down a back road near my childhood home, which apparently wasn't far from the house I'd bought. I asked the people I'd picked up where they wanted to go, and they mentioned a city that was a good hour from where we were. I told them that I wasn't sure if I'd be going all that ways, since I was just going somewhere because my house wasn't finished.

After driving through some increasingly trippy terrain, we eventually arrived at what was more or less a dead end. There were one or two large hilly rises and falls in the road, and at the top of the last one the road simply ended. We stopped the car and looked around. To the right side of the road was some kind of high wall or mountain, and to the front and left side there was a long drop into nothingness. Far away to the front and left there were more walls, and behind us the road disappeared back into a woods.

Hovering over the nothingness, however, was a large bizarre sphere, which kept slightly changing it's shape. One of the people in my car could apparently paint shapes with their mind, and they put some on this sphere. The sphere seemed to react playfully, and the painted shapes moved around for a bit. There was also a long segmented cord that extended from the sphere towards us, but suddenly the sphere seemed to take a disliking to us and the cord disappeared. Someone threw me a inflated buoyant tube shaped sorta like a peace sign, and I jumped towards the sphere, barely making it there without falling into the nothingness.

Up close the sphere was much smaller than it had seemed from far away. The rest of the people from my car were at the sphere too now, but it started to deflate when we got nearby. We caught it as it deflated, and managed to set down in some sort of complex. The people that were responsible for the sphere had been some sort of warlike humanoid-chicken race, although we weren't sure if the chickens bodies were suits or actual bodies.

At any rate, we couldn't find anything living in the complex or the sphere, and we started getting lost in the trippiness ourselves. One of us turned into a large spoon, still perfectly capable of interacting but apparently lacking all organs except for those on his face. We tried to feed him but he had no stomach, and demanding the he be given his stomach back didn't help matters.

June 28, 2009

Severed Torsos and DVD Conveyors

I was in a strange land that was almost like a cross between GTA, Oblivion, and the real world. I had been escorted to jail for some reason, but I'd been quickly released and taken to the countryside. There was a rather large stone church or cathedral there with some barns behind it, laid out like my grandmother's farm house was. Someone who lived there took me on a tour, since I was apparently going to be staying there for some time. We went past the barns, which had some strange and wondrous things in them, and that was where the tour was supposed to end. But behind the last barn I spotted some bodies, so I shouted out in alarm.

There were several bodies, some cut in half at the waist. A couple of people had come out and were discussing the situation when one of the bodies that was cut in half started talking. The body, who may have belonged to a priestess, gave us a clue as to what had happened to the victims. Suddenly, just behind the barns, there was a sinister tower that had evidently been responsible for the murders.

We went to the tower, climbing to the top. Once we got to the small space there we talked for a bit. There were three or four other people there, and we introduced ourselves. I thought one of them was very cute, but she didn't seem to be interested in me. Later, we explored the countryside some more, eventually making our way to a conveyor belt with DVDs on it. We climbed up the conveyor belt, but didn't find anything on the other side.

Fragmentary Jumping

I was jumping between buildings when I realized that I was dreaming. I looked down at my hands and rubbed them together to try to stabilize the dream. I then continued to jump/fly, feeling like I was mentally counteracting gravity by pulling myself upward. While I was falling back towards earth, it felt like I was going down a drop on a roller coaster.

June 27, 2009

Confronting Evil Leaders

I had discovered that some of the leaders who were controlling our country were evil. I told my friends, and set out to find and confront the leaders. I had some lightweight metal armor, including a thin metal mask that I held up to my face. I didn't hold it up the whole time, because I figured that if I actually got hit while wearing it that the mask was thin enough that it probably would just make the wound hurt more. The mask may have been more ceremonial than practical.

I eventually found one of the leaders, after chasing them for a bit. I cornered them in a strange room full of people in tiers who were either some sort of robot or who had been frozen in time until someone chose to free them. We had a sort of battle of wills, which ended with the leader activating the frozen people and asking them to vote who was right. They said that she was.

June 25, 2009

Transformers in the Grocery Store

I had just gotten settled into a dorm. My parents had accidentally thrown out a spoon, so they were taking me to the grocery store so I could get supplies. The grocery store looked like a K-Mart on the inside, and soon I spotted a display which included some video games I had been looking for. I stepped up on to the bottom shelf so I could reach the display, and looked at the boxes to see what version of Worms they had.

I eventually found a box that had several versions of Worms for a low price. When I flipped over the box, I realized that it also came with another game that I'd been looking for, so I was pretty excited about buying it. We picked up some groceries, and made our way to the checkout. By this time it was pretty late, and it was getting rather dark. When I looked at the game box I'd picked up, it had changed to a different package of two games. I gave it to the checkout employee anyway, but she had a problem scanning it, and said I couldn't buy it. I went back to look for the display, but it had disappeared; the shelves where it had been were gone.

I was pretty upset, but went back to the checkout and started picking up the goods. It looked like it was a little too much to take back to the car in one trip, so I started trying to load some stuff in my backpack.

At that time two cars that were transformers and/or characters from games started driving around, and we had to go calm them down. I told one of them to kill the other, and they shifted into Mechas and started fighting. One was much larger than the other, but they both had swords and were putting up a good fight, until one of them unexpectedly disappeared. We weren't sure if it'd been defeated or escaped. My Mom started getting liquids to poor on the remaining one, which somehow helped transition them.

June 24, 2009

Bear Handlers and Wine Powers

My family, most of whom were apparently from Arrested Development, was trapped in a room like a dorm room, with two bunk beds. The mother had apparently decided it would be a good idea to hire someone to kidnap the family, in order to spite the father. At some point my sister and I decided that this was ridiculous, and we attacked the assailant that was guarding us. I wrestled with him, successfully disarming him of his gun, and we took him out. However, he'd already sprayed me with some kind of liquid. I realized that he was a bear handler, and that the liquid was a scent that would lead his bear to me. I briefly saw an overhead view of the area, and saw that the bear was awakening in his camp.

Soon the bear was in our room, and after poking around a bit it started making it's way to the top bunk where I was. I was suddenly very, very sleepy, and really didn't want to have to run from a bear in this condition. A howto page flashed before my eyes, detailing how to escape from a bear that was trying to climb the bunk bed you were on, so long as you keep running ahead of it as the bunk rotates. Someone pointed out to me, though, that I could escape through the window, and so I soon found myself hanging to the ledge.

Getting to the ground proved easy enough, and then I was peeking inside the long and fancily adorned camper-like vehicle that our kidnappers were staying in. I opened the shutters and peeked in several times before I found the kidnappers themselves. Around this time I started to realize that I must be in a dream, and I looked down at my hands and rubbed them together to try to stabilize the dream. But I was only mildly lucid, if that, so when I tried to fire some sort of lightning out of my hands at our kidnappers it didn't work. Instead, my lucidity quickly fading, I threw the glass jars that somehow contained their souls to the ground. I couldn't get them to break, but the act seemed to remove the kidnappers from the picture for a bit.

Inside the camper, I found a glass of wine. Apparently one of our close family friends, who was about my age, could turn into a glass of wine at times. Before the kidnapping incident, our father had been saying that she wasn't a very delicious glass of wine, but as I drank the glass I found it to be very tasty.

As I left the camper by it's normal exit instead of the window, the rest of the family was waiting around. I saw the friend who could turn into a glass of wine, and suddenly she looked very cute, with long, slightly curly hair and rose-colored cheeks. Still sipping on the wine, I walked up to her and told her that the wine was delicious, and that the she was as "charming as it is sweet, and as beautiful as it is flavorful". I then tried to kiss her on the cheek, but she shied away, telling me that there would be plenty of time for that later, when I was sober.

Seven Eleven vs Wawa

I was at college, and was looking for some food. I decided to get some from the 7-11 that had just opened up instead of the Wawa which was the usual standby. I went there, and they had an interesting brew-your-own-soup station that used a coffee carafe. I selected a soup (skipping over the "brown" flavor) and put it in the elaborate paper-and-tin cups they had for the dish. I then picked up some other snacks for my meal, remarking to someone that they only seemed to have sweet things here, in contrast to the Wawa which also had savory things like cheese and pepperoni.

Getting in line, we had to wait for some time, and things got pretty trippy. Whenever I interacted with the checkout employee I apparently sounded quite drunk, and they didn't do much more than laugh at that, but eventually someone behind the counter took my money and I left. I was rather perturbed at the selection of food and the extremely long wait as compared to Wawa, and I looked around for someone who I could complain to and walk home with.

I found someone, and soon was feeling better about my dinner. We stumbled on some other people we knew, and talked to them a bit.

Biting my Music

I had a part in a prestigious classical music performance, one that was premiering a work that I'd had a hand in completing. I was playing piano, while my piano teacher was singing and playing flute. Some well known composer had written the theme and the other musical material, and I'd filled in the blanks to complete the piece.

We'd already had one performance, which had apparently gone great. But the next night, after a rough sleep, I was having trouble getting my music together. I tripped on something while I was carrying the music around and fell, bitting off a corner of the music in the process. This greatly annoyed me, since apparently I did that a lot accidentally. I went off to print a new copy of the score, primarily of the first page which had been bit particularly badly.

I couldn't find the score on my laptop though. I went online to download it from the composer's website, but he only had a new version, with different lyrics. I wasn't sure if the music was different or not, but I didn't want to risk it. I searched through my computer's temp files for the PDF that I'd printed off before, but didn't have any luck.

Eventually, with the room already full of audience members and the time a little past when we were supposed to start, I decided to just improvise something, perhaps on ukulele instead of piano. I saw my piano teacher come backstage where I was, having just given a T-shirt to the winner of a little pre-show contest, which had been won by my roommate.

The performance went alright despite the mishap with the music, although I felt very guilty that I couldn't find the score.